Overhaul! The car detailing studio is the best place for restyling your cars. We offer exceptional quality car detailing service, with an unmatched finesse. We are a group of professionals specialized in Car coatings, Metal restoring, Design restoration, Interior finishing etc. We handle vehicles belonging to every category and offer a brand new looking finish. Our company work culture, expert skills, quality of service and our efforts to meet your expectations have made us as one of the most renowned Cars detailing company. Our working style focuses more on recycling and follows an eco-friendly approach in handling detailing work. With our dedication and work proficiency, we have transformed thousands of vehicles for our customers delivering better customer experience and exceptional quality service every time.
This wonderful car care venture was started in the year 2017, by Mr. Prashanth M. B. With a team of like minded professionals who have a great passion towards cars, which has inspired them to handle this great deal of car detailing and restoration service. Our desire of being and delivering better with every chance we get to serve our customer has made us reach this stage of success and we are being called as Best Doctors for your partners, which are cars. Our unique work culture focuses more on achieving better results in a best possible way, with optimum utilization of resources.